Are you for the birds?

Birders come in as many different types as there are bird species in the world.  Whether you simply enjoy watching them, enticing them to your feeder or travelling the world to add species to your life list – you guessed it, you are a birder!

The showy Northern Cardinal lights up backyards all over Burlington but particularly in an area known as Birdland in the village of Aldershot.My favourite bird is the Chickadee, he shows up at the feeder wearing the same neat little suit everytime. He is available year round for your viewing pleasure and his delightful chickadee-dee-dee-dee often indicates whether a hawk is in the area by the number of “dees” he adds on to his call.  The Royal Botannical Gardens is a great place to observe birds. Plan to attend International Migratory Bird Day at the RBG the second Saturday in May!