A eulogy for Murphy

Dear Lauren

Your eulogy for Murphy touched us deeply this morning, not only because we have a beautiful chocolate lab of our own, but because you captured the essence of what it means to be loved by a dog and to lose a dog. Your description of Murphy as a serving of chocolate mousse was absolutely perfect and of course reminded us of seeing our Rosie for the first time.  Everyone loves their dogs but I think we, the Irish, love them the most!  Here is a photo of our girl as a growing mousse.   She is just 4 years old now and we hope that she can live to Murphy’s ripe old age.  A picture and 1000 words gave us a touching and intimate portrait of a very special dog in a very special family.

To read the article in this morning’s Toronto Star “a picture and a thousand words” please visit this link http://www.thestar.com/news/insight/article/813077–a-picture-and-a-thousand-words-murphy