Aldershot updates…what’s happening in our village


Aldershot Interchange Update


Intersection Review

This year, the City will begin studying the best way to redesign the intersection at Plains, Waterdown and LaSalle Park Roads. The study will take about a year and involve an external consultant. The intersection needs to be improved for a variety of reasons including safety and increased traffic flow. Since this intersection leads directly from the new 403 interchange, it will become a “gateway” to Aldershot and needs to be both functional and attractive. A public meeting will be held to receive community input on the final design proposal before it is given approval. Construction may be in 2013. Most of the asphalt work on the new Waterdown Road/Highway 403 interchange will be completed in July. The last remaining part of this project is the construction of the east-bound on-ramp adjacent to the GO Station. This part is last because of delays associated with protecting fish in the nearby creek. Overall however work remains slightly ahead of schedule and we are now projecting an opening of the interchange toward the end of September.


Former Mini-Putt Site in Aldershot

The City has been advised that the former Mini-Putt site on Plains Road, adjacent to Maplehurst School, has been sold to Branthaven Homes. I have had a meeting with Branthaven and learned that they are proposing to build a “mixed-use” development at this location. “Mixed-use” means that the project would include commercial/retail stores along Plains Road and townhomes behind them. As I understand it the proposed height is 3-storeys. There is no formal plan or proposal at this point, only a concept. The developer assures me that the project, if approved, would be entirely consistent with the Plains Road Village Vision meaning attractive architecture, landscaping and streetscaping features. Construction would probably be in 2011. I will provide you with more information as soon as it becomes available.


Former Presbyterian Church Site

A public meeting was recently held to discuss the proposed redevelopment of this site at 937 LaSalle Park Road. The proposal is for 12 detached homes on a public cul-de-sac. City staff will now review public and agency comments and report to a future meeting of the Community Development Committee. I support the new development and have asked staff to handle the approval process as quickly as possible. There is no truth to rumours that the City is delaying approval of this plan and hoping for a higher density development. This is just a rumour spread by the developer to put pressure on the City for early approval.


Reichmann Seniors Housing Development

Officials with Reichmann advise me that they still hope to start construction of their new retirement home this year. To be located at the corner of Plains and LaSalle Park Roads, the new 6 storey building will have 132 suites and include an indoor swimming pool. Outside, the building will be a combination of brick and stucco and will feature a clock tower. I think this project will help to dress up Plains Road in this area.

Active Aldershot

Valley Inn Recreational Trail Node

Great things will be happening soon at the bottom of Spring Gardens Road in Aldershot adjacent to the Valley Inn Road Bridge. This site is home to many species of birds, turtles, fish and other wildlife. Now that the bridge has been closed to vehicles Burlington will be making improvements to our side. I was supportive of the plan for a small parking lot, a paved trail, sitting areas and shoreline restoration including trees, shrubs and ground covers. The plan will provide habitat improvements for wildlife, prevent erosion and provide a unique setting for a range of recreational activities. This community based, private fitness and sport organization will soon begin construction of a new gymnasium facility on St. Matthews Avenue, adjacent to Wendy’s. Active Aldershot has provided a number of fitness programs for seniors in Aldershot in recent years. It is operated by internationally known judo experts Ron and Tracy Angus. (Ron was recently inducted into the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame) In addition to the fitness programs they hope to make the new facility a Centre of Excellence for Judo.


Biodiversity Garden

The City has joined in Countdown 2010, a global movement aimed at halting the loss of biodiversity around the world. To celebrate the International Day of Biodiversity the City’s sustainable Development Committee registered the recently planted native display garden (across from the entrance to LaSalle Park in Ward One) with the Green Wave. This garden provides visitors to LaSalle Park with an opportunity to learn about native plant options suitable for Burlington’s public and private gardens. A species list is available at   ~ courtesy of Rick Craven’s office