Aldershot beginnings….

~What is today Burlington, was in the early 1800’s, comprised of several small towns, villages and hamlets.  Names such as Hannahsville, St. Ann’s, Kilbride, Lowville, Wellington Square, Dakota, Zimmerman, Freeman, Cumminsville and Port Nelson were once proudly recited throughout the region.  Unfortunately, many of these small communities have disappeared over the years

Each community had its own individual identity and none more so than the community of Aldershot.  Labeled as having a “firecely independent spirit” Aldershot strove to maintain a quality of independence and individual identify, although it was never incorporated as a village.  In fact, Aldershot – originally called Burlington Plains – may have been the earliest settlement in the area.  First surveyed in1791 by Augustus Jones, it is believed the first family to settle in the area was the Fonger Family in the early 1790’s.~ Courtesy of “Aldershot at a Glance” The Burlington Post.