Staging…what’s it all about?


You have decided to sell your home and as you survey your castle you think to yourself “It’s cozy, lived in…it’s a collection of memories”  At this point we must also start to think about the fact that “these are my memories and they don’t go along with the house”  The way we live in a house is not the way we sell a house and so begins the process of packing up those memories, which is universally known as ….decluttering!  It is probably the most important aspect of staging.  Staging is different than decorating in that you are taking away superfluous items and furniture to create space and depersonalize the home.  In this way you are preparing the home to appeal to the as yet un-known buyer.  Here’s a quick guide to get you started,

  • Use an odd number of items – 3 being the ideal – and of different heights (high, medium and low) to create a pleasing vignette
  • Let the light in
  • Add greenery to each room
  • Repurpose things and invent new uses for items
  • Keep walls and floors neutral to create the most spacious feeling
  • Paint all areas where needed
  • Hang pictures such that the middle of the painting is about 5 feet from the floor
  • Rearrange furniture and items to make the room feel bigger
  • Pack away personal items BONUS… you have already started the packing process for the move to you own home.
  • Your Accredited Staging Professional Realtors can help you prepare your home to show to perfection! Ann and David Ryan

~ hints by Barb Schwarz