Finding the right Realtor for you

You have been thinking about it for quite a while and now you are ready to put your home on the market! Being pro-active by having a pre-inspection done on your home has turned up any deficiencies that you have now remedied and you can feel confident that your home is in tip top shape.  Thanks to the plethora of real estate shows on TV you have learned how to freshen up and stage your home.  Now to find just the right REALTOR ® to present your home to the buying public!  How to find him or her? You can ask a friend for a referral, pick the REALTOR® with the biggest ad in the local paper, interview a few…or you can conduct your own stress free research by….

visiting open houses.  In a way you are interewing the agent who is presenting the open house and doing so in a relaxing, no pressure environment. Note how the REALTOR® welcomes you to the home, how they present the home and most important of all…how you connect with that person.  You will find that the REALTOR® you are drawn to will likely be drawn to you as well.  Like does attract like.  Whether the process of selling your home is quick or more drawn out you will want someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.  Visit with us here to see how we work and find your dream home here