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Listing Services Offered

Some of the Services offered in our Listing Package

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  1. Broker Load info to MLS

  2. Introduce your property at RE/MAX office meeting

  3. Feature your Home on our Website

  4. RE/MAX Tour

  5. Agent Open House Reception with light brunch

  6. Schedule all ad placements

  7. Monitor market activity

  8. Follow-up with buyers agents for all showings

  9. Distribute feature sheets to area offices

  10. Open house reception for the public

  11. Review weekly updates
    • Competing properties
    • Sold properties
    • Market influences (mortgage rates etc.)
    • Buyers comments
    • Marketing assessment

  12. Review negotiating strategy in advance
    • Our role in counter offers
    • Buyer approvals
    • Dealing with conditions
    • Deposit amounts

  13. Post Offer Acceptance
    • Continued marketing during conditional periods
    • Buyers assessed though my mortgage team as back-up
    • Work with buyers home inspectors to fulfill mandated inspection
    • Work with appraisers for lenders to support purchase price
    • Deal with conditional clauses removals
    • Work with lawyers to manage details
    • Help with utility transfers and mail forwarding
    • Help with arrangements for any future buyer visits
    • Closing Day support

The final Decision is ALWAYS yours.

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